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Road freight is efficient transport mode for moving cargo within Europe.

Amber Trade Group offers:
• Door-to-door service over Europe;
• Less-truck-load (LTL) and full-truck-load (FTL) service Good to know about road freight:
• Weight and volume ratio in road freight is 1 m3 = 333.33 kg;
• In road freight the carrier’s liability is up to 8.33 SDR per gross kg;
• Inside dimensions of a standard tent trailer – length 13.60 m, width 2.45 m and height 2.50 m.
• A trailer usually holds up to 33 EUR pallets or 26 FIN pallets.

Related documents:
• International road freight waybill – CMR;
• Manifest of goods;
• Commercial Invoice or Packing Slip issued by the shipper.

Historically, rail transport has been a significant part of the supply chain between the Baltic countries and Russia. Today, the railway network provides good access to Russia and other C.I.S countries and Central Asia.

„Amber Trade Group“ offers:
• Rail transport service from all main ports of the Baltic States: Tallinn, Riga and Klaipeda;
• Transport of 20′ DC and 40′ DC containers to Russia, other C.I.S countries and Central Asia;
• Door to door deliveries upon request.

Related documents:
• Rail Waybill;
• Manifest of goods;
• Commercial Invoice that must be filled according to the customs requirements of the Russian Federation.

Customs clearance is needed when importing or exporting cargo outside European Union. Amber Trade Group can handle all customs formalities locally and abroad.

Good to know about customs brokerage:
• For export declaration a Commercial Invoice is required;
• For import declaration a Commercial Invoice and an Arrival Notice are required;
• An export declaration is not required, if cargo value is less than €1,000.00.

A Commercial Invoice must include:
- cargo description;
- value;
- currency;
- gross and net weight;
- terms of delivery.

It is the common wish of the shipper and the recipient that the shipment is delivered safely. However, it is impossible to foresee and prevent all risks on the way.

Carrier’s liability by different transport modes is as follows:
• In air freight up to 19.00 SDR* per gross kg;
• In road freight up to 8.33 SDR per gross kg;
• In sea freight up to 2.00 SDR per gross kg * 1 SDR equals ~EUR 1.16 (March 4th 2013).

If your shipment is valuable, it is recommended to use full cargo insurance. It is possible to have either a single policy for a single shipment or a long-term policy for several cargo shipments.

Cargo Insurance provides coverage for cargo loss or damage arising from the causes such as:
• robbery;
• fire;
• traffic accident;
• natural forces;

Warehousing is the practice of storing, holding and handling goods in a warehouse. A Customs Bonded warehouse is a warehouse licensed by the Commissioner of Customs for the storage of goods imported into the region pending the payment of duties and taxes.

Amber Trade Group offers:
• A modern logistics centre;
• Bonded warehouse and excise warehouse area;
• Trained personnel;
• Temperature and humidity monitoring 24/7;
• Different value added services (e.g. assembling, labelling, re-packing);
Camcorders in all strategic locations;



Amber Trade Group is logistics company specializing in sending refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks, rail transport and sea freight to Middle East, Caspian Region, Central Asia and particularly to Afghanistan.

We have 5 years successful experience in logistics operations to Afghanistan, and we have over 15 years experience in logistics in countries that are part of the Northern Distribution Network – Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

We cover safety and security in all of the regions for all our cargo and members of our team speak the local Afghan languages as well as Russian, English, French and German. Our main objective is the safety of our cargo and maintaining continuous communication with our transport crew.

Why us?
We have built a strong network of partners in these above mentioned regions allowing us to do the customs clearance quickly and efficiently. Our transport crew knows the local cultures and how to deal with complex situations when they arise. Everyone can buy trucks and drive but our edge is our knowledge and our experience on the field. We can get the job done and this is why our customers trust us.




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